I just bought a bathmate X30 on January 08, 2016 and started using it daily for about 4 months now and the results are HUGE. I am so satisfied and grateful. Ive tried all kinds of penis pumps and this is the best and most comfortable Penis pump EVER! never had any problems and easy to use and clean. The results are crazy! After removing the pump, you can see how THICKER and LONGER it becomes. Hydromax changed my sex life in a BIG way. I am more confident about my Penis after learning and experiencing the Hydromax first hand. My friends was shocked that an asian guy like me would have such huge penis after seeing it. I know it may be disgusting but i made a few of my friends tried my Hydromax x30 and after one use, they called me up saying they ordered their own Hydromax. Without me they wouldnt have ordered it. they are happy with the results like i am! If i have the money i would upgrade my Hydromax to the Hydromax Xtreme! These Product is GUARANTEED to change your sex life in a HUGE way! i know mine has. Thank You!

- Order Number: 75501

我在2016年1月8日剛買了bathmate X30,並且每天堅持使用了差不多四個月,現在效果很明顯。我感到很滿意。之前我試過很多種陰莖增大增粗泵,而這款是最好的,最舒適的陰莖增大增粗泵。從沒發生任何問題,而且使用、清潔都很便捷。效果極度明顯。在使用這款陰莖增大增粗泵之後你會發現陰莖變粗變長。Hydromax 水療陰莖鍛煉器很大程度上改變了我的生活,在學習和體驗了水療陰莖鍛煉器之後,我對我的陰莖充滿了自信。在看到我的陰莖之後,我的朋友都很震驚:像我這樣的亞洲人怎麽會有這樣大的陰莖。我的一些朋友嘗試了一下我的陰莖增大增粗水療鍛煉器,我知道這有點惡心,但是使用之後,他們給我打電話說也要訂購屬於他們自己的陰莖增大增粗水療鍛煉器。如果不是我介紹,他們是不會訂購的。他們很高興,因為他們獲得產品的效果和我一樣。如果我有錢,我會將我的陰莖增大增粗水療鍛煉器升級到最新版。這些產品肯定能很大程度的改變你的性生活。我知道我的已經改變了,感謝您!


My review on my Hercules for the past 3months I would say its definetly making improvements on my stamina and growth a bit. I understand its a marathon not a sprint and I can't wait for my 6months review. The only slight downfall was the rubber support good thing you can take it off it was a bit rough on my skin because of the wideness of it but i will try it again since i've got a handle of using my Hercules where i feel comfortable. thank you bathmate for making this awesome product available.

- Order Number: 77594 



amazing device i must say. In combination with manuals, hanging and a chem pe routine amazing milestones are being reached.

- Order Number: 796663 



I've been using the Xtreme x30 and had to write you. It has been amazing and is so convenient. I've easily been able to work it into my morning routine and again when I return home from work in the afternoons. I've read that if your serious about developing yourself you need to be sure to use it regularly, especially in the first few months. Others I have tried are not as convenient and are not as comfortable. With this one, you can use it several times a day and it's cool. My erections are larger, harder, and my urge has grown too. I've never enjoyed working on myself so much.

- Order Number: 908221 

我一直在使用陰莖增大增水療粗鍛煉器 X30豪華版 , 不得不給它寫評論。它很神奇也很便捷。早晨我會練一會,下午下班回家我又練一次。我了解到如果你對提升自己嚴格要求,那麽要經常使用陰莖增大增水療粗鍛煉器,尤其在剛開始的那幾個月。其他的產品我也試過,但並不如這款這麽方便舒適。有了這個陰莖增大增水療粗鍛煉器,每天你可以使用幾次。我的勃起變得更大、更硬,我的性欲也越來越強烈,我從來沒有像這樣享受鍛煉自己的樂趣。


Hello. I recently bought a hydromax X30 from your website with order number 120270. Thank you for the quick delivery, amazing!

- Order Number: 120270

你好!最近我從你們的網站購買了陰莖增大增水療粗鍛煉器 X30,訂單編號為:120270 。令我很驚喜的是,配送很快!


Good Evening, Thank you again for having this amazing product. I look forward to ordering from you again in the future. Jared McKay ORDER NUMBER 113210

- Order Number: 113210 

晚上好!再次感謝你使我擁有這個神器,希望將來我還能從你這訂購到好貨。Jared McKay


Thank you. You have been very helpful and I appreciate the fantastic service.

- Order Number: 107520



Thank you Eric! You guys make great products, don't stop getting better! Thanks!

- Order Number: 137740



Hi...thank you for an outstanding product.

- Order Number: 188910 



Great product. I currently use the Xtreme x40 and I've never felt such strong erections and size. My ability to become erect immediately after cumming is effortless. Thank y'all for the huge confidence booster and great product.

- Order Number: 79049 

偉大的產品,最近我在使用陰莖增大增粗水療鍛煉器 X40豪華版,我陰莖勃起達到了從來沒有的尺寸。在射精後我還可以不費吹灰之力地立刻勃起。感謝你們給了我這麽大的信心,感謝這款產品。


It is a great product and it REALLY WORKS. I will recommend it to others.

- Order Number: 891770 



I just started the x30 today and got amazing results I'm ecstatic.I'm gonna use it every day I am surprising my wife she has no idea I can't wait to see what she says in 6 weeks. Thank you bathmate.!!!!

- Order Number: 129872 



Hi People - I received the Xtreme X30 several days ago and it works great!This exchange process was the best experience I've had in the many years I have dealt with customer support, both in the USA and international. You guys Rock!Thanks for the fast and easy service and turn around.

- Order Number: 292872 



I purchased the Hydromax X30 a little over a month ago and I've been using it daily. Needless to say I've seen great results so far.

- Order Number: 113521



You’ve been extremely engaged in my support issue - and that’s impressive in itself. And the XX30 is an awesome product. It’s my first pump. I truly regret not buying this product a long time ago. I’m 5 days in and very happy with the results.

- Order Number: 132002 



This is the best pump that has ever been invented. Thanks to you I have so much confidence in and out of the bedroom. At first I did some research on this product and thought yup another gimmick. Just like all those other products that guarantee results. Since I have started using this product I have notice a tremendous size difference in the thickness of my shaft both limp and hard. And the size is starting to show I've gained a 1/2 inch to put me at 6.1 inches hard and my thickness is ridiculous almost 3.0 inches for real!!!! now I am getting ready to upgrade to the newer one the hydro extreme I can only imagine what can happen when I do and this time I will be doing my regular work outs like I'm supposed to. Thank you for your time and effort you put into this. Job well done!!!

- Order Number: 112891

這是迄今為止發明的最好的增大器。謝謝你,讓我進出臥室充滿了信心。一開始我對這個產品做了一些研究,並認為這只是就像所有其他能保證結果的產品一樣一個噱頭。自從我開始使用這個產品,我註意到我的陰莖的厚度和大小都有很大的不同,開始顯示出了尺寸長了1/2英寸,厚度達到6.1英寸,陰莖的厚度增加了3.0英寸,是真的! ! ! !現在我準備升級到最新版的陰莖增長增粗水療鍛煉器,我能想象當我這麽做我會有什麽收獲,我會像我設想的那樣把鍛煉陰莖當成常規工作。謝謝你花了這麽多時間和精力研制這這款神器。工作做得好! ! !


I have seen much improvement in my manhood area, and sex life has increased 3x as so happy with my purchase.

- Name: Mat 



I have to say Bathmate is a great company hands down. I am proud owner of the new product Xtreme x40. Which i say does what it supposed to do. I seen results so fast its unbelievable. This genius created something that helps man with their self-esteem. When in the gym pumping iron (or not) Sometimes the penile seem to get smaller. With this pump and patience. It pulls blood thought the penile. Created it to get large. In two weeks you would be amazed. I recommend this company. The pump very pricey, but it's worth the price. Then I love how they protect you privacy. Looking to try the new products. But my Xtreme x40 okay for now. Bathmate keep up the good work.

- Name: Derek 

我不得不說,Bathmate是一個偉大的公司。我為新產品Xtreme x40的老板感到驕傲。我看到的結果如此之快令人難以置信。這個天才創造了一種幫助男人樹立自尊的東西。當在健身房鍛煉時(或者不在鍛煉),陰莖似乎變得更小了。有了這個水療增大器和耐心。它把血液抽到陰莖上,使它變大。在兩周內你會感到驚訝。我推薦這家公司。這臺水療增大器很貴,一分錢一分貨。然後我喜歡他們保護你的隱私的方式。期待新產品。不過我的Xtreme x40已經很好了。Bathmate幹得好!


My bath mate is amazing I had to have at least grown an inch during my time using it on a daily basis but I used to be a lot thicker I'm not sure whether or not I should have waited to increase in girth as well but for now I Overall a bit pricey but pretty worth it when it comes to results!

- Name: Mariokurilavicius


姓名 : Mariokurilavicius

Bathmate works wonders. Quick and easy to use daily and fits right into my shower routine. I did not have to make room for extra time or anything. Most convenient product that works!! It definitely gets me confidence everyday after my shower. The only extra time I need now is staring in the mirror enjoying the way I look.

- Order Number: 79707

Bathmate 創造了奇跡。每天都能便捷使用,並且適合我的淋浴習慣。我不用為使用這個產品騰出額外的時間和空間。是最方便的產品,每天淋浴之後都增強了我的自信心。唯一需要我安排額外時間的就是我得在鏡子前欣賞我自己。


So far in my use of Bathmate I was very impressed. When I first used it I noticed the effects immediately and after sex I finished harder than I can remember. I remained very very hard, AND THIS WAS AFTER ONE DAY OF USE!! I recommend this to anyone from the first day I assure you will notice the difference.

- Order Number: 35463



Hey, thought I would give some input on my experience with the bathmate. I have had my bathmate for 4 months now (I use it 2-4 times a week ). I have gained almost an inch The biggest thing I find from it is my endurance or stamina has increased dramatically. Also my erections are rock hard.

- Name: Ryan 

嘿,我想我分享我個人使用Bathmate的經驗。我現在已經用了四個月使用頻率是(每周2 - 4次)。我已經增大了近一英寸,我從中得到的最大的收獲就是我的耐力增強,我的勃起也很硬。

姓名: Ryan

I’ve been using the bathmate for about 3 months, I gained a ¼ inch in girth, which is absolutely amazing! I gained a ¼ inch in length as well. I can’t say I’ve heard a bad review on this, everybody is seeing fantastic results… If you use the bathmate properly, on a regular schedule, and don’t go overboard, you will see fantastic results.

- Order Number: 66763 

我使用Bathmate 將近三個月了,粗度增加了1/4英寸,厚度也增加了1/4英寸,這是絕對驚人!我從來沒有看到這款產品的一個差評,每個人都看到驚人的發現…如果您使用bathmate得當,定期,不要走極端,您將看到不可思議的結果。


So far in my use of Bathmate I was very impressed. When I first used it I noticed the effects immediately and after sex I finished harder than I can remember. I remained very very hard, AND THIS WAS AFTER ONE DAY OF USE!! I recommend this to anyone from the first day I assure you will notice the difference.

- Name: Daniel 


姓名: Daniel

Hello, i really like the comfort insert and the hand ball features. I was sceptical at first but now that i am waking up with elections again I am a happy man. I can tell my wife likes my rejuvenated self as well. thanks Bathmate!

Order Number: 69728 


訂單號碼: 69728 

¡Thank you for your service and the free gift!!! I am very pleased and can't thank you enough. Hope you sell a million more pumps this year they are a blast and super easy & fun to use. I like mine just as much as my iPad, naaaahhh more than that by a mile. Really recommend your product and company with my eyes closed and my big hard on in hand. PS. I'm seven inches already and very happy with my extreme 30. -

Order Number: 83943


訂單號碼: 83943